What are we?

A dreaded question for both parties involved. The women (who is usually the one asking) doesn’t want to feel stupid so she’ll ask. The men don’t usually want to answer that question because a) they don’t know the answer/what they want b) they don’t want to hurt your feelings by being honest. Someone had comeContinue reading “What are we?”

How I met my boyfriend

It was a Sunday night in late November, early December, about 10 p.m. when I first saw him. I don’t remember what I was wearing but I was definitely not dressed to my best potential. However I recall, he was wearing dark grey sweatpants with a red hoodie and a hat … Now that IContinue reading “How I met my boyfriend”

The Secret – Part 1

To attracting a woman is simple. It’s not about how good you look or how fine you smell, though that does help.  In reality, every woman wants the same thing: to be appreciated. Appreciated in the sense that: you value her opinion, you respect her views, you see beyond her body. You listen and followContinue reading “The Secret – Part 1”

Dating vs. Being in a Relationship

Dating is the art of getting to know someone better, someone who you are considering committing yourself to or have decided to commit yourself to. Being in a relationship is a commitment and comes with a title.  Think of it as stages that sort of intertwine.  There’s the “talking” stage where you’re kind of gettingContinue reading “Dating vs. Being in a Relationship”

Why we scream on roller coasters

It’s a total lack of trust So here’s what happened, during my birthday week celebration my parents went on their first roller coaster ride. After the ride my dad said “I thought I was gonna fall, but after the first dip I didn’t fall and I knew I would be okay.” Fast forward to tonight,Continue reading “Why we scream on roller coasters”

How to handle rejection

Can I be honest? I don’t know how to guide you on how to handle rejection. But, I know that what I tell myself motivates me to move on. The key is to move on, move forward, move past the hurt. It sucks to be rejected, especially if you have low self-esteem. And there’s a lotContinue reading “How to handle rejection”

Shoot Your Shot

How to shoot your shot? If you’re shy, the best thing would be to throw that shyness out the window. However, if timidity is just a part of your personality here are some tips. Directly ask for his/her number (preferably in person, I know it scares you but you can do it). Start a conversation:Continue reading “Shoot Your Shot”

Movies Don’t Count as a First Date

I know! I’ve made that mistake too. But let’s walk through this together. you can’t talk at the movies unless you’re that asshole who spends the whole movie talking or texting away (DON’T BE THAT PERSON) you can’t see each other the movies is a dark and cold setting – if this is your first dateContinue reading “Movies Don’t Count as a First Date”