7 Things to do on Valentine’s Day

  1. Share your reasons why you appreciate each other, to each other, aloud.
  2. Do something you both like, together.
  3. Plan your next trip, as a couple.
  4. Pray together
  5. Express your wishes, hopes and expectations of each other
  6. Solve or do a puzzle
  7. Cook together

Although Valentines Day is a made up thing to push consumers to buy more, the basis is still love. You don’t have to get dressed up and go out to dinner. Heck, make sandwiches and build a fort somewhere in your house/apartment. If the weather permits, go on a hike or watch the sunrise/sunset together. If you’re into literature, head to the library and have a scavenger hunt. It’s off-season at the beach, pack your blankets and sit by the water. If game night isn’t a usual thing, start a game night. If you love to read, find books, read and then discuss them. Do something fun, daring, share a new experience.

We do appreciate the flowers, the chocolate, love letters and dinners. They are beautiful, sweet and simple. However, I just think that you don’t always have to do the norm.
Last year, my boyfriend and I went to one of our go-to spots and we ended up trying fried grasshoppers or chapulines. Let’s just say, it’s a night I won’t forget, even without the pictures to commemorate.

Point is, don’t just make this a Valentine’s Day tradition, make these things a normal part of your relationship. Bring or receive flowers every once in a while, discuss where you both are mentally regarding your relationship, do basic fun things, try something new. These constant things helps so that you’re never bored with your partner and you’re still able to learn more about yourself and each other.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

What am I doing? Just staring at my boyfriend and eating tres leches cake. Those are my plans for Valentines Day. Cheers!

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