At your feet

On bended knees and at your feet

Jesus, with our head bowed and eyes closed

Tears streaming down our faces

Arms open wide in surrender

……. just a moment of silence at your feet

We quiet our hearts and our minds

For Father we have no words

So at this moment

We’ll let our hearts speak to you

Reach deeper than we can go

Surrounding our lives at your feet

All of our problems, all of our joys, all that we are

Oh Father

You understand our silence best

So let our hearts speak to you

Find the words we cannot say

Jesus! listen to our hearts


The Prayer

Father God, Jesus Christ

My strength, my provider, my savior, my everything

Jesus! I come to you at this moment with a heavy heart

God I just don’t understand….. I do but I don’t

Why are your children suffering so much?

We seem to have it worse than those who don’t know you

Left and right we are surrounded by pain

Cancer, pneumonia, the flu, suicide

Financial troubles, emotional, mental and all

God your children need you

We’re constantly under attack and we need relief

Father God your children need you

These babies are getting snatched from under their parents

Kidnappings, human trafficking, jail time, the grave

Our hearts are heavy

But God we believe in your word

We believe in your power

We know we must suffer for the road that we choose

But God…..

We need you to step in

We’re overcome with worry and grief and pain

We know you’ll take care of us

But we don’t know how to be patient

Teach us how

Father please

Hear your children’ cries

Father please speak into our lives

Father please

Our backs are against the wall

Surround us with your presence

Deliver your children

Father we pray to you

Please make a way

Moman Sa

Mwen femen jem

Ke’m an silanse

Paske moman sa

Se pa pou zanmi

Moman sa pa pou fanmi

Moman sa se pou Jezu sel li ye

Paske le ke’m an silanse

Mwen fenme jem

Epi’m di nan tet mwen

Jezu sa mwen ta ye san ou

Map chante, mwen leve menm anle

Epi pem ak pale mob ouch mwen pa ka di

Bondye mesi, pou tout sa ou fe pou mwen

Le’m tande tout sa kap pase en viron mwen

Mwen ta Ingra si’m pa ta pase on ti moman pou’m di’w mesi

Pou’m ba ou gloua ou sel merite

Chak moman nan prezans an

Pandan map loue ou

Mwen santi mwen ta kriye

Paske mwen pa merite amou ou men ou renmenm toujou

Nan moman sa

Moman louanj mwen pou ou….

Jezu ou konin tout sab ouch mwen pa ka di

Tande ke mwen, tande kri mwen

Tande suplikasion mwen

Jezu mwen renmen’w

Moman sa se pou ou li ye



When all else fails

When you know all that you’re going through

Your family is sick, you’re in a financial dessert

Your spiritual life is on the verge of disappearing

And you can’t turn to anyone else

Because they won’t understand you

God tells you to praise Him

You can’t speak, your tears have become your nourishment

You’re tormented by the hurts on this world

God tells you to praise Him

Trying to understand “why me?” “why must I, your child suffer God?”

He tells you to praise Him

For your blessing, your growth won’t come from sunny days alone

For you must endure trials and tribulations

To be ready to accept the greater plans that God has for you

For he says in the book of Galatians chapter 6 verse 9

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” NLT

So in the mist of your suffering lift up your hands, cry out to Him

Dance, sing and praise Him for he has never forsaken his child

Through the hurt and the pain God is by your side

Don’t give up on Him, don’t just focus on right now

Look ahead at your blessings to come

In the meantime praise Him

Give him the glory and honor He deserves

Show Him the Love that He is

Pray and Praise, Pray and Praise, Pray and Praise

My Knowledge – My Savior

I can’t say I never knew better because I always did

It was embedded in my brain from a young age

Do right and go to heaven, do wrong and go to hell

I chose the more attractive place, heaven

And then I learned my first Bible verse

Psalm 24 verse 4: “Celui  qui a les mains innocentes et le coeur pur; celui qui ne livre pas son ame au mensonge, et qui ne jure pas pour tromper.”

So yeah I knew better

Yet I left all my Knowledge behind me

Seeking something that wouldn’t do me any good

I found it and even though my heart said turn away

I wouldn’t listen

I dived in, hoping to prove something

Something impossible

You can’t live in the light when darkness dwells in your heart

But yet I kept going

Allowing myself to get swallowed in darkness

For attention, affection, temporary satisfaction

Suicide will do that to you

Blinds you and messes with your brain

Its funny though

Even when I left my Knowledge behind me

He trailed after me, waiting for me to do the right thing

He was patient with me, allowed me to mess up

And when the time came to leave the darkness behind for good

He welcomed me with open arms

And it felt good to be where I truly belonged