I had a recent experience with what I call a predator. Not like the beloved film but rather, individuals who don’t know their place (or do and just don’t give a fuck).

So it was a Sunday morning, I was heading into church when I heard someone walking behind me. Paid no attention, had an idea who it was but kept on about my business. Heard him approach and the conversation went like this. (Him in bold, me regular type). “Good morning” “Hello” “How are you” “Good, thank you” “You’re not bad on the eyes“. (End of conversation). Granted this conversation was a mixture of him speaking Haitian Creole and me responding in English, purposely but that last part is a rough translation. I ignored his last comment and turned towards someone I knew that I would be comfortable with, just to get away from this man.

It may seem like an innocent conversation but he’s definitely close to 50 if not over, plus this dude is married with kids! How do I know this? We belong to the same congregation. Crazy I know, but it just goes to show that these predators don’t give a damn.

I could tell the story of how a man over the age of 20 was stalking me while I was in my early teen years 13 – 14 but I won’t.

What I am trying to say is, mothers teach your children that not all attention is good attention. When your child tells you something happened, believe them and do what needs to be done to protect your kids. Children and teens, your cousins and uncles have no right touching you without your permission, not even coerced permission. Their hands should only be on you when you’re getting a hug. If you are under the age of 18, when someone over the age of 21 tries to talk to you, run and don’t look back. That person does not love you, they don’t care about you. They want to ruin you and your innocence/take advantage.

I saw this comment on a tiktok video where someone said “I’m 11 but I’ll turn 18 for you real quick” or something similar. No, no and NO! That sort manipulation and fantasy is wrong on the part of the original commenter and on the one who decides to take advantage. Remember that kids learn from their environments, if as a parent you can’t be that leader and example and expose your child to the right things please avoid being a parent. The internet is vast and filled with good and bad things, control what your kids are exposed to.

Yes, I am telling you all what to do. Why? There are too many victims of sexual assault and verbal assault, some of which could have been prevented if we were more honest.

So please: be honest about you age, once you hit the age of 21 give yourself an age limit of how high you’re willing to date, and remember consent is sexy.

Need some show suggestions for awareness purposes: Law and Order SVU, Unbelievable, I May Destroy You, Sex Education.

It’s a safe space here, share your stories, thoughts and opinions. All are welcome

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