She didn’t have to turn to know he was behind her

His presence had a pull

She couldn’t resist 

His full lips lightly brushed her shoulders 

And she shuddered

Closing her eyes 

Trying to calm her accelerating heart rate

She doesn’t want him to know 

How much he affects her

…at least not yet

But she’s a puzzle to him

So he noticed without touching her

Without seeing her

The impact he has on her

Torturously slow he unzips her body hugging dress

Slowly revealing his intoxicatingly beautiful melanin canvas

Itching to touch her

But he knows that if he waits patiently she’ll make the first move

…such a tempting smooth canvas

He leans in and inhales her scent 

Making him rise a little more 

Tempted to touch 

Tempted to feel

Tempted to love her body

And yet he waits 

Waits to caress her like his favorite baby grand

Waits to kiss every inch, every birthmark, every breath 

Waits to slip his fingers in her warm heat

To groan at the swishing sound as his fingers dip inside her tight walls

To have his eyes roll back when his tip meets her entrance 

To have his tongue bring her to a climax before he takes her

So he waits 

Waits for her to turn around 

Waits for her to drop her dress

Cause he already knew 

She had nothing underneath 

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