You’re Breaking My Walls


I didn’t want to like you

You’re not what I had in mind for a partner

I wanted someone 6 feet tall with strong shoulders

I dreamed of a guy who could sing and dance

I imagined a guy who would fix all my car troubles

But instead I found you

You’re barely 6 feet and your back doesn’t make drool

You don’t know every kinks of a car but you know enough to calm me down

You can’t hold a tune but your moves more than make-up for it

You make me laugh

You see past my bulls*** and call me out on it

You’re not afraid to show your emotions

Your respect for me exceeds my expectations

Your love for God motivates me to get closer to Him

You fill the voids I didn’t think needed to be filled


… It was never about your looks

Your character swept me off my feet

You stayed true to yourself from the start

Never wavered, never backed down

And now

You’ve broken down my walls and my heart feels empty without you

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