Dating vs. Being in a Relationship

Dating is the art of getting to know someone better, someone who you are considering committing yourself to or have decided to commit yourself to. Being in a relationship is a commitment and comes with a title.  Think of it as stages that sort of intertwine.  There's the "talking" stage where you're kind of getting … Continue reading Dating vs. Being in a Relationship

Why we scream on roller coasters

It's a total lack of trust So here's what happened, during my birthday week celebration my parents went on their first roller coaster ride. After the ride my dad said "I thought I was gonna fall, but after the first dip I didn't fall and I knew I would be okay." Fast forward to tonight, … Continue reading Why we scream on roller coasters

I wanna hold your hand

The first time we held hands I knew I knew you were special Oh I tried to deny it Like I didn't feel the sparks Like my heart didn't just skip a beat But deep down I knew   The way our palms met effortlessly and our fingers intertwined as if we've been doing this … Continue reading I wanna hold your hand