Change is scary, sometimes unwanted and yet inevitable. Change can be subtle or drastic depending on the factors. Change in a relationship can either help the relationship grow or fail. You’re not the same person forever, that’s just fact. As we go through life, we experience different circumstances that switches our way of life or alter sour point of view. We learn about ourselves and … Continue reading Change


It’s after midnight and I’ve just finished an episode of NCIS where McGee finally proposes to Delilah. Of course, my emotional self tears up a little because it’s love and it’s meant to be. And it got me thinking because this is a question I’ve been analyzing for months now. Why do people get married? Backstory: between December and January two of my very close … Continue reading Marriage

What are we?

A dreaded question for both parties involved. The women (who is usually the one asking) doesn’t want to feel stupid so she’ll ask. The men don’t usually want to answer that question because a) they don’t know the answer/what they want b) they don’t want to hurt your feelings by being honest. Someone had come to me recently and had asked “how did you know … Continue reading What are we?


It’s real, it doesn’t discriminate: whether you have all the money in the world or you’re broke, no matter your color. Unless you personally go through it, it’s hard to understand depression. It brings forth the hard truth that materialistic things don’t matter. Once upon a time, I thought and felt like I didn’t matter. I went through the motions but I had this constant … Continue reading Depression

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Journey to Love

So I’ve been single for about 3 years now and honestly it’s been on purpose. Much as it pains me to admit it, my parents were right I was jumping from relationship to relationship. The issue was, I didn’t know who I was. With every relationship I was trying to fit this mold of who my partner thought I was or wanted me to be. … Continue reading Journey to Love