This has been a really interesting year, there has been so many high accompanied but too many lows. It took a toll, on our mental health, finances, relationships, way of life and on. But, by the grace of God we are nearing the end of this year. So I’d like to take this time to do a prayer.

Father God, Jesus Christ, our strength, our redeemer, our everything, thank you. Thank you because you are still God, we faced a year full of darkness, pain and shock and yet you carried us through. Thank you for covering us from seen and unseen harm. Thank you for being the light guiding the way when we didn’t know where to go next. Thank you for being our strength when we wanted to give up because the despair, the pain was too much. Thank you for being our comfort as we cried ourselves to sleep. Thank you for healing us from the illnesses that attacked us. Thank you for providing us with sanity when we were on the brink of going crazy. Thank you for loving us even when we sometimes lost faith. Thank you for the good news that lifted our spirits here and there. Thank you the happy ending and new beginnings that you blessed us with. Thank you for opening our eyes to what we needed to see. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to spend time within our selves, for more self-discovery. Thank you for the moments of silence because you knew that just that moment was enough to make us get back on track. Thank you for the voices that chose not to be silent and still spoke of justice and equality. Thank you for exposing our true colors to ourselves and others. Thank you for the lessons that we have learned. Thank you for who you are, who you were, and who you will always be, God.

Jesus continue to be our strength. Sometimes depression sniffles us, there are times when our anxiety overcomes us and we don’t know how to respond to certain situations, even the smallest things. We need you, on our good days and our bad days. We need you to help us with everything, because honestly, we don’t know. But you do, we may not get it but we trust you. Continue to provide us with strength, patience, understanding, kindness, love for ourselves and those we encounter. We never know what to expect anyway but Jesus, we need a word. We trust in you, we believe in you, we praise you and we thank you.

As we approach 2021, as we close out the last hours of 2020, please guide us. Open our eyes to what you want/need us to see, help us adjust to better handle/experience whatever you have prepared for us in the upcoming year. You know our goals, our wishes, our wants, our needs, our plans; Father, we give them all to you. We may never really understand as we go through our seasons but give us strength to push through. Continue to comfort those who need it, heal those who are ill, remove from power those who don’t have their peoples best interests. Lord, let your light shine.

Forgive us. We struggled, we lost faith, we said things we shouldn’t have, we did things we shouldn’t have. We held ill thoughts towards others, we didn’t spend enough time with you, we were ungrateful. For all we did wrong, help us recognize our mistakes and flaws and teach us to do and be better. We pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.

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