Finding Your Own Love

I watched the Red Table Talk interview between Jada and Will Smith regarding Jada’s relationship with August. Regardless of what any of us think, the only opinions matter are those of the ones involved. However, I will say that I don’t think that Will is as over the situation as he claims. Yes it was her transgression but it affected him just as much even though they were separated.

What did this whole situation remind me? Mind your business and stop comparing yourself to others. We shouldn’t want that Jada and Will Smith love nor the Barack and Michele Obama love. That’s their story, their path not yours. You are not the same people as whichever Youtube, Instagram or Facebook couple you admire. Sure you can get ideas and inspiration from other couples, but you can’t try to be like them because YOU ARE NOT THEM.

It’s much like when someone gets in a new relationship and continuously tries to compare it to their past relationship. You can’t do that, you’re not the same person you were in that past relationship. You learned something in that past relationship, what you chose to do with it is on you but you’re not the same person at all.

We don’t know what Ayesha had to go through to end up with Stephen Curry and vice versa. Maybe what their life had been before they got together is not something you could have survived. Besides, most people never share their struggles while going through it. A marriage can look perfect and great but that doesn’t mean it is.

Moral of the story, focus on your own relationship. Trying to get married before someone or moving further into your relationship because of someone/something outside of your relationship is never a good thing: especially before its time. Example: wanting to get married because X is engaged but you and your partner have never had such discussions. It just doesn’t add up. Rather, you should be: learning to love yourself and finding a partner who loves you for you and growing together. Relationship goals should be personal, between you and your partner. You’re not in an intimate relationship with these celebrities, no matter how much you know about their life. Focus on your own love story, make it your own, work on it for you and your partner. Not to stunt on social media or trying to reach a goal before someone else.

Find yourself, learn to love yourself, be happy with yourself, love yourself and love will blossom.

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