Dear Black Men

Dear Black Men,

I’m sorry 
That you feel pressured to defy stereotypes 
That you feel it’s weak to cry or show emotions 
That you feel worthless because you don’t make “enough” money

That you feel that the weight of the world is on your shoulders
That you’re told that speaking your mind…. speaking your truth is wrong 

That you’re used by racist to feed their inner fears
That your strength makes you envied 

That some of the world sees you as statistics and not people

That we undermine your struggle

Black Men
You are strong 
You are intelligent 

You are a gift

It’s okay to speak up
It’s okay to speak your mind
It’s okay to speak your truth
It’s okay to voice your opinion 
It’s okay to admit you’re scared
It’s okay to ask for help 
It’s okay to admit your weaknesses 
It’s okay to be you
It’s okay to cry and have feelings 
It’s okay to fail and try again 
It’s okay to break boundaries 
It’s okay to succeed 
It’s okay to go further than the people around you
It’s okay to be loved
It’s okay to love 
Because Black Men
You are loved
You are special 
You hold more power than you could imagine 
Because Black Men

You have value

You are more than your athleticism

You are more than your past

Black Men 
Find your purpose 
Follow your dream

Find your strength

Follow your heart

Find your truth and live it

Dear Black Men
We love you 

Dear Black Men

We Love You

Dear Black Men


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