The Secret – Part 2

Respect and value. I guess they go hand-in-hand, you will respect someone you value. But you can also respect someone without them having value in your life (that’s not what this is about).

Value is when someone sees beyond what the rest world sees, they see you: who you are on the inside.

For example: a sheltered person may see someone who has tattoos or dreads or rides a motorcycle as “dangerous”. However, that individual could be someone who’s passionate about climate change or creating resources for people in developing countries. You will never know until you get to know that person.

That’s why dating is so important, you date to learn about each other and sometimes along the way, you discover something about yourself.

As you learn about a person, you tend to understand why they are who they are. If you don’t respect that person you won’t seek to be in their presence.

In my eyes, respect isn’t simply given because someone holds a higher title or makes more money or is older than you. Respect is earned based on character and you value someone with great character.

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