Elevator Love

You know it’s funny

Because Hollywood tells us

You know right away if they’re the one

The close confinement creates sparks

The first kiss is magical

The first touch tingles…..

Sold on this fairytale 

That true love is known within 15 seconds


While we were on the rooftop he cheated on me

We got about a quarter of the way down when he realized that I wasn’t enough and that someone else held his heart

About halfway down he left me because I wasn’t what he was looking for

But I’m still riding this elevator down

Praying that once I reach my floor

My Prince Charming will be waiting for me


Prince Charming doesn’t exist

No in the real world

We’re swept away by the lines that work in films 

Not realizing that they boxed us with a B celebrity

So caught up in the sweet words that we’ve dreamed of hearing

Because Hollywood sold us on their version of love

The happy ever after where he really can’t stand when you’re upset

The version where conflicts are resolved with a kiss

I don’t know….

Maybe there’s some truth to it all

Maybe I haven’t been on the right elevator ride just yet

Maybe I’m on the right ride 

But it’s simply not my turn


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