The Prayer

Father God, Jesus Christ

My strength, my provider, my savior, my everything

Jesus! I come to you at this moment with a heavy heart

God I just don’t understand….. I do but I don’t

Why are your children suffering so much?

We seem to have it worse than those who don’t know you

Left and right we are surrounded by pain

Cancer, pneumonia, the flu, suicide

Financial troubles, emotional, mental and all

God your children need you

We’re constantly under attack and we need relief

Father God your children need you

These babies are getting snatched from under their parents

Kidnappings, human trafficking, jail time, the grave

Our hearts are heavy

But God we believe in your word

We believe in your power

We know we must suffer for the road that we choose

But God…..

We need you to step in

We’re overcome with worry and grief and pain

We know you’ll take care of us

But we don’t know how to be patient

Teach us how

Father please

Hear your children’ cries

Father please speak into our lives

Father please

Our backs are against the wall

Surround us with your presence

Deliver your children

Father we pray to you

Please make a way

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