March 6, 2012

Love a word that comes and goes

Because we’re constantly trying to grasp its meaning

An emotion that’s hard to comprehend

A word full of actions without definitions


Love a four letter word

That makes the world a better place

A word that holds so much

That its never perfect


Love comes with kindness, trust, honesty, communication

And most important of all friendship


Love a word abused by the youth

Because they don’t know its true value


Love is found everywhere but hard to identify

Such a simple thing but complicated emotion

People believe they find it at different stages of their lives

Some call it puppy love, others call it true love

I call it a foundation of two hearts

Merging into one


Love is a learning process

That comes with obstacles

“Good things comes to those who wait”

Patiently growing into love

May help you find it after all

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