I’m not ready

Truth is I like you

Probably more than I should

Maybe it’s your honesty that’s so appealing, I don’t know

But I can’t be with you

You want someone serious and committed

And I can be that I’m just not willing

My heart has too much healing to do

I walk around like all is great

When I can’t even fully give myself away

I like our friendship

It means a lot to me, even if we don’t talk all the time

You’re never far from my thoughts

I get excited to see you, especially when you’re in town

I just can’t be with you

I mean are we honestly willing to jeopardize our friendship over a relationship that may not last?

We both know we care

But I can’t

I want forever even though forever scares me

I want a relationship that’s more than sex

I want love, but I’m not ready

My heart has a lot of repairing to do

Before I’m ready for God to bless me

With the love of my life

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