Unexpected June 30, 2016

We were losing the chemistry

We kept arguing

But I still thought we could make it

Because I thought we loved each other

Guess I was wrong

Because you don’t give up on someone you love

You fight for them

You fight with them

Until you both come out on top

 But that’s not how it went

Just as I thought we were heading to a better place

You pulled the plug…prematurely

But I’m not mad at you

I am but I’m not

 You weren’t man enough to handle me

you were busy trying to imitate your father

Forgetting that you are your own person

We were both wrong, we were both right

But you couldn’t see my point

And I refused to bend to your will

It was like a game of tug of war

Both pulling at different ends and never on the same side

You chose to walk away

But I can say that’s okay

Because I checked out

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