My Knowledge – My Savior

I can’t say I never knew better because I always did

It was embedded in my brain from a young age

Do right and go to heaven, do wrong and go to hell

I chose the more attractive place, heaven

And then I learned my first Bible verse

Psalm 24 verse 4: “Celui  qui a les mains innocentes et le coeur pur; celui qui ne livre pas son ame au mensonge, et qui ne jure pas pour tromper.”

So yeah I knew better

Yet I left all my Knowledge behind me

Seeking something that wouldn’t do me any good

I found it and even though my heart said turn away

I wouldn’t listen

I dived in, hoping to prove something

Something impossible

You can’t live in the light when darkness dwells in your heart

But yet I kept going

Allowing myself to get swallowed in darkness

For attention, affection, temporary satisfaction

Suicide will do that to you

Blinds you and messes with your brain

Its funny though

Even when I left my Knowledge behind me

He trailed after me, waiting for me to do the right thing

He was patient with me, allowed me to mess up

And when the time came to leave the darkness behind for good

He welcomed me with open arms

And it felt good to be where I truly belonged

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